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April 19,  2016

The DO'S of Social Media


Lets take a look at some of the DO's as you make yourself known on the world wide web:


DO post things pertaining to your Brand/Performing prowess. It helps people to know, kind of like a commercial for yourself, how they might be able to use your "services." The more you show them your Brand, the more they remember what it is that you do and will call you to do it.


DO post both Personal AND Professional updates/posts. The beauty of social media is that people gravitate towards it because they get to know you on a Personal level without actually seeing you in person. So while its great to post all your performing videos from youtube and all your recent feedback from behind the audition table after every audition, make sure you also show you are human as well…post your pets, food, hobbies etc. Use Social Media to be social and connect with people through your own enjoyments.  You are more than your career, and it can sometimes help your career!

























Alison Franck

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A Podcast Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Ensemble! 



BB: Can you offer a piece of audition advice?


AKA: Just do YOU. If people don't want to work with you, if your heart is the right place, their loss. And be strong enough to know for your sanity when it's your job and when it's not your job. I deal with it every day. Sometimes it my job. Sometime it's one of my best girlfriends' jobs. I have literally said that to my manager before. Also learn to ride the wave and find joy in the ride. It's hard up here but it can be the most rewarding! Also with nerves just accept you are going to have them and sit with them and sometimes they will get into check and sometimes they will throw off an entire audition. It's the nature of the beast! ACCEPT! 







Ashley Kate Adams

BB: What do you find the most challenging part of being a casting director?


AF: Every job presents different challenges.  The number one challenge is always, especially in casting musicals, is that we always have a group of people who all have to agree on one person:  The director, the musical director and the choreographer, and often also the producers.  To find one actor who pleases everyone can really be challenging.  It takes a lot of thinking outside the box” sometimes to really combine the talents needed to keep everyone happy.





Savannah Frazier

BB: How/when did you get your first Broadway job?


SF: I made my debut in AMAZING GRACE last summer. That whole process was such a serendipitous experience for me, start to finish. The story is very long, but I will say that what's yours is yours, and no one can take it away from you. Trusting in that has changed the game.


BB: Any words of inspiration ?


SF: Find things that you love in this life that have nothing to do with theatre. Those will be your life rafts when times get rough. Surround yourself with people that support you, and that you find it easy to be around. Take care of your body! Fill it with good things and good thoughts. Savor each moment, each step of your career. It's a marathon, not a sprint. You'll miss a lot of beautiful things along the way if you close your eyes and light-speed ahead. Your path is YOUR path. Comparison is the thief of joy. Be patient with yourself!









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